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Career of Evil - Robert Galbraith

Well,well,well. I'm finally here: D.

I've been looking to pre order this book as soon as the title was announced and finally, when it released on Oct 22 I couldn't wait to start!

It starts off where Silkworm left exactly.
One of the things that I most admire about Rowling is that she can write dark like nobody else can. (She created voldemort! )

Cormoran novels started off in a light tone: Cuckoo s calling with the Lula Landry case. The second edition got Very darker with the ritualistic killings and the grisly narrative .
And now here's Career of Evil. The darkest ever Cormoran :Paedophilia, serial killings, sexual assaults and ..... wait for it: the most impossible syndrome to imagine: Amputee fetishism & B I I D. A very dark novel indeed.

Strike is at his usual level - possibly with a new girlfriend. Robin: I don't know if I could love her more. There's a shocking revelation about Robin.

Usual detective scenario is employed to trace the serial killer. At times similar to the silkworm.Though it is perfectly alright I found myself wanting more twists in the tale. The climax cliffhanger makes me sad that I have to wait for more than a year for the next book. (Was she really married? )